RIF hosts webinars throughout the year across various topics to support our partners with relevant resources and educational materials ranging from how to apply for a matching grant, implementing a successful Books for Ownership program, to how to do a read aloud. All RIF webinars are archived for your continued use.

Every Book is an Engineering Book! Literature-based Engineering Design
This webinar, proudly supported by Trane Technologies, is part of RIF’s “Every Book Counts” webinar series, dedicated to reading and the power of books! Educators will learn how to use books from their classroom library to engage students in the engineering design process. Storybooks are an excellent resource that help students to identify problems a character faces, design solutions, and engage in the engineering design process. And, Erin Bailey, RIF’s Director of Programs & Content and a certified reading specialist, will model how to guide students through this exercise.
Literacy Begins Early!
April 3, 2022
Did you know that learning to read begins at birth? During this webinar RIF’s Director of Programs & Content, Erin Bailey, a certified reading specialist, demonstrates at-home literacy tips for parents of children from birth through age four. Content from the webinar and related materials include simple activities you can use to support phonological awareness, concepts about print, and reading engagement in the early years.
Diverse Books In Practice (Part 2)
October 14, 2021
Join this thought-provoking discussion with experts discussing the wide variety and beauty of diverse books and the deep value of including them both in the classroom and at home as well as how to incorporate them into everyday use.
Diversify Your Book Shelf (Part 1)
October 7, 2021
Join this panel of experts as they discuss the fundamental questions about diverse books. You will leave this session knowing how to evaluate and select diverse books for classroom and home libraries.
Family Literacy Webinar
March 18, 2021
During National Reading Month and there is no better time to celebrate reading with our RIF community, share some at-home reading ideas and tips and end with a bedtime read-aloud, all from the comfort of your home!
Literacy Expert Shares At-Home Reading Tips
May 12, 2020
Reading Is Fundamental’s guest literacy expert, Erin Bailey, shares strategies and activities that families can use at home to support their child’s literacy development particularly during school closures resulting from COVID-19.
At-Home Reading Tips Webinar – Suggested Activities
April 28, 2020
Guest literacy expert, Erin Bailey, shares four videos in her webinar for activities you can do at home with your child: Syllable Shake, Mystery Word, Wake up Letters/Sound and Multi-Sensory Activity for Sign Words.
How to Raise a Reader
September 18, 2019
Learn tips on how to raise children who love reading with Pamela Paul and Maria Russo, editors of The New York Times Book Review.
2019 Books For Ownership Matching Grant Webinar
March 13, 2019
Interested in applying for RIF's 2019 Books for Ownership Matching Grant? Join us for this informational webinar to learn about the matching grant opportunity and specific parameters.
Social Media 101 Webinar
November 7, 2018
Join Reading Is Fundamental for an informative and engaging webinar that will share with you best practices for social media use. We’ll also cover specific social media tactics to use in order to amplify your message, shine a spotlight on your impact and call on your supporters to make a gift as we enter the holiday season. Learn some simple rules and helpful tips to showcase your literacy work.
5 Plus 1 Pillars of Reading Development
August 1, 2018
Join RIF for a webinar to deepen understanding of reading development. If you are a new teacher, family member of a school-aged child, or RIF volunteer, then this is a great webinar to build a foundational understanding of reading development. Participants will learn about the five pillars of reading development identified by the National Reading Panel (2000) which are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.