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Thank you for this last year

Thank you

Last year, I had so many stories to share with my family. Not only nightly bedtime stories with my little one (this may, unfortunately, be the last year before she decides she is too old for that treasured time with me), but also dinner table tales about my day. The continued excitement I experience by watching children pick out their new RIF books, or talking with teachers about the literacy activities RIF provides to their classrooms, or meeting with volunteers who embody the heart and soul of RIF gave me so many opportunities to tell my kids about the dedicated people that make a real difference in our commitment to a literate America.

As we wrap up such a giving and thankful time of year, I want to personally thank all of you for your commitment to Reading Is Fundamental throughout 2016.  It was an incredible year for the organization to say the least – largely due to your continued support and generosity. With a multitude of book distributions, programs and literacy-focused events throughout the year, we have been able to touch more lives, impact more children, and engage communities in creating literacy solutions – great reminders to the RIF family how good it feels to give back and help others. Because of dedicated supporters and volunteers like you, we were able to provide over 2.6 million brand new stories and adventures to children in need!

Thank you for being a part of this exciting and impactful journey with me.  Together in the New Year we’ll create even more successful stories and take another step toward creating a fully literate America.

From my family to yours, Happy New Year!

--Alicia Levi