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Stress-Busting Holiday Literacy Tips for Families

The holidays can be stressful for families but they’re also a great opportunity to spend time for those closest to you. Spending time reading with your children is a great reason to turn off the television, cuddle up, and relax. Try some of these fun literacy activities to bust holiday stress!

  • Encourage your child to create bookmarks to give as gifts or to mark the place in your own book where you leave off during storybook time.
  • Ask your child to help with holiday shopping. Have him or her write out the list and then read the items aloud as you look through the aisles together.
  • Give your child a companion book to traditional holiday gifts, such as a book on juggling and several brightly colored balls; a book about fossils and a fossil creating kit; or a book about stamp collecting and a stamp album.
  • When it's time for holiday baking, ask your child to read the directions aloud to you or read them together.
  • While the cookies or other holiday treats are in the oven, read a short book together.
  • Help your child make his or her own holiday gifts for family and friends by following the directions in a how-to-book.
  • Ask your child to help you write out gift name tags. Use extra-large gift tags for tiny hands.
  • Encourage older child to volunteer to read to residents in a local retirement home or hospital to bring some holiday cheer.
  • Give a bookstore or online bookstore gift certificate as a holiday present so your child can select a new book on his or her own. Read the book together.
  • Visit the library or book store and pick out some holiday favorites for festive family reading all season long!