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Alpha Chi Brings Books and Smiles

When I arrived at the library for the Alpha Chi and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) service project, I was prepared to spend the day reading aloud and distributing books to children. What I was not prepared for was the positive impact this would have on me.

The volunteers and I started by gathering the children around the tables for a read-aloud and a craft activity building a bird’s nest. As another volunteer read, I watched the children’s eyes light up and listened to them laugh out loud. Afterwards, I witnessed each student’s creativity as they spent time making a simple craft.

When the children were told that they would be able to take three books home for their own, excitement filled the air as children lined up, eager to make their choices. I handed out large stickers to each student so they could write their names on the inside cover of each book, proving that they were the new owners!

A fellow volunteer noticed one young boy writing someone else’s name in his book. When asked why, the boy explained that these books were for his younger siblings at home. Hearing how this little boy was willing to share his gift with his family was so touching.

Some children couldn’t wait to get home before they started reading. A young girl approached me and asked to read Dr. Seuss’ classic One fish,Two fish,Red fish, Blue fish. As we turned the pages together, I helped her figure out each word; she was so appreciative that I was willing to take the time to help her. I kept encouraging her as she started reading more of the book on her own, and I could tell by the smile on her face that she was exhilarated to have a reading partner!

As we packed up, I realized that I would forever remember the image of the smiling students as they spent time in the library that day. Thanks to the small amount of time I spent with the students, I knew I would participate again in the next RIF event with the Alpha Chi convention.

-Ande Greco, Member, Alpha Chi -National College Honor Society