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Reading Is Fundamental and State Farm Celebrate Reading with Book Celebration at Carmody Hills Elementary

Capitol Heights, MD – December 13, 2019 – Carmody Hills Elementary celebrated the power and excitement of reading with a book celebration event for children on November 26, thanks to a partnership between Reading Is Fundamental, State Farm, and Maryland State Senator Joanne Benson.

At the book celebration, a donation from State Farm enabled students at Carmody Hills Elementary to choose three books to take home and keep for their own. The children also celebrated reading by participating in engaging and interactive read aloud of 10 Fat Turkeys, read by Senator Benson. “The Reading Is Fundamental program sponsored by State Farm, provided an unselfish and marvelous opportunity for our children to enjoy, participate and understand the importance of reading. Seeing each child choose three books to have and hold was most uplifting! I was overjoyed to be a part of this great and exciting occasion.”

Research has shown that when children have access to books, they enjoy reading more and they read more frequently. And when children read more, they become accomplished readers. By providing children with choice and access to books and literacy resources, State Farm hopes to create a culture of literacy in the communities in which its employees live and work.

This book celebration event is part of Reading Is Fundamental’s Books for Ownership flagship reading program which enables children to select new, age-appropriate books to take home and own. The books are supported by free online resources for parents, educators, and volunteers to create a continuous focus on reading. This program relies on a simple yet fundamental truth: if you allow children choice and access to books, they will be more engaged readers. More than 50 million children nationwide have had the opportunity to experience the power and excitement of the Books for Ownership program and we are thrilled to offer Books for Ownership at Carmody Hills.

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