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Vocabulary Scaffolding Game Ideas

Concentration – Cut pictures and definitions apart. Glue onto cardstock to create cards. Mix cards up and place face down. Try and match the definition to the picture.

BINGO – Create BINGO cards with the vocabulary pictures. Students can place a marker on the correct picture when definition is read.

Pocket Chart – Use a pocket chart for a mix and match activity. Cut pictures and definitions apart. Students can match them up on the pocket chart. Create sentences with blanks. Students can use the words/picture to fill in the sentence.

Jeopardy – Create a jeopardy game by pasting pictures on top cards. Students choose a picture. Read the definition. Students must answer with “What is ______?”

Picture Pyramid - Create a pyramid with vocabulary pictures. Have one person be the clue giver and the other, the guesser. The guesser cannot see the pictures. The clue giver gives clues without using the actual vocabulary word. The guesser must guess the vocabulary word.

Dictionary – Use a spiral notebook to create a vocabulary dictionary. Have students cut pictures out and paste into designated letter sections. Have them write the word and definition to match the picture.

Go Fish – Create cards by pasting pictures, definitions and vocabulary words on cardstock. Game is played like traditional “go fish” except that the goal is to get 3 of a kind for each word. Sample questions might be, “Give me a word that means…”, “Give me a definition for ….”, “Show me a picture of…”.

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Vocabulary Scaffolding Game Ideas