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Home-to-School Connections:

Why Should I Volunteer with My Child's RIF Program?

Have Fun

Volunteering with your local RIF program is a fun way to meet interesting people, learn new skills, and become more active in your community. You can also support RIF's mission by reading to and with your child on a regular basis.

Do Something You Enjoy

There are so many different ways to help your local RIF program. Whether you love to play sports, create murals, make decisions, organize events, read aloud, tell stories, help order books, or assist with paperwork, there is a RIF volunteer job that will complement your talents. Just talk to the RIF coordinator about what you'd like to do, and he or she will find something to suit your skills.

Support Your Community 

Local RIF programs are entirely organized at the community level. They depend on volunteers to provide inspiration and motivation for local children. You can present a unique voice from the community and ensure that the program's literacy goals meet the needs of all the children served. Creativity and dedication from people like you are critical in ensuring that RIF reflects the needs of the whole community. 

Demonstrate a Commitment to Literacy

Children do better in school when their parents and families are actively involved. Volunteering for RIF shows every child—especially yours—that reading is important and fun.

Show Off

Help your children, their friends, and other parents by sharing your talents and experiences to enhance a RIF book distribution or motivational activity. Don't be afraid to show off. Volunteers are needed to sing, dance, cook, tell stories, or present any other talent that will inspire and intrigue RIF children.

Share Your Resources

Your business and community connections will help your local RIF program leverage the support it needs to be successful. RIF needs money, in-kind donations, and people to meet its literacy goals.  

Make a Big Difference

RIF programs immediately promote individual learning by allowing RIF children to select new books to keep as their own. In the long term, supporting children's love of reading is also a cost-effective, timely way to reduce social and economic problems tied to low literacy such as school dropout rates, adolescent pregnancy, unemployment, poverty, and homelessness.

Set an Example

By volunteering, you become a reading-is-fun role model for children and set an example to get other parents and community members involved.

Source: Reading Is Fundamental.

Why Should I Volunteer with My Child's RIF Program?