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Reading Coupons


Reading aloud is a gift children can give as well as receive. A coupon for Grandpa (designed and decorated by your child) might say, "I will be happy to read to you for fifteen minutes so that you can close your eyes and relax."
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers
  • Celebrations and Holidays
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MATERIALS: Construction paper, scissors, marking pens, stapler or hold puncher and ribbon (optional) Supply children with paper, scissors, and an assortment of felt pens for printing the wording of the coupon and drawing a decorative border.

A standard-size sheet of construction paper will produce six 3" x 6" coupons (just fold and cut). To make a coupon book, line up and staple the coupons along one short end, or punch a hole in each coupon and tie the bunch together with a colorful ribbon. Reading coupons make thoughtful gifts. But why wait for a special occasion?

Reading Coupons