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Reading Raffle


The more children read, the better their chances of winning a reading raffle!
  • The RIF Guide to Encouraging Young Readers.
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MATERIALS: Index cards, shoe box or other container, pencil or pen, prizes (see suggestions below)

Cut a small stack of index cards in half lengthwise for raffle tickets. For every book they read or you read to them, your children can fill out a raffle ticket. The ticket must include the reader's name and the title of the book. Collect the tickets in a shoe box with the lid off so everyone can watch them pile up. Once a month, or some other designated period, have all of the children assemble for the drawing. Stir the contents of the raffle box and let one of the children stick in a hand and draw the winning ticket. Prizes (announced beforehand) might include a gift certificate to a local bookstore, a favorite food, or any appropriate prize that you predetermine. All but the winning ticket remain in the box for the next drawing. When the box begins to get too full, dump the contents and let the raffle tickets start accumulating again.

Reading Raffle