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Note Clip


A note clip keeps a clamp on the phone messages, lists, and other scraps of information that otherwise get misplaced. Here's a simple and useful gift your children can make for just about anybody, even themselves.
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MATERIALS: Wood scrap for a base (no more than a few inches square), snap clothespin, glue, paint and paintbrush or color markers)

Constructing the note clip is easy: Your child simply glues down one flat side of a snap clothespin on a small wooden base. After the construction dries (best overnight), the clip can be painted or decorated with color markers or paints. Suggest that your children present their gift with a ribbon tied around the clothespin and a homemade gift tag or card clipped onto the base. Maybe your children's own desks or dresser tops need a little organization? Suggest that they make themselves clips to hold on to some of the notes you leave in their lunch boxes, a favorite cartoon, a picture postcard from Grandma, or an invitation to a party.

Note Clip