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New Year Family Time Capsule


If your family could look back on themselves a year from now what would they think? As part of your New Year celebration this year, pack a time capsule to be opened the same time next year, if you can stand to wait that long!
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Materials that you'll need: Storage box or container, paper and pens, family souvenirs.

A time capsule is a container holding artifacts and documents of present civilization that is buried or otherwise preserved for future examination. Your family can bury a time capsule to preserve memories of the past year. Find a container in which you can place family souvenirs and papers. A locking plastic file box or an under-the-bed storage box would be good. Decorate the container with paint, stickers, or acollage of the days newspaper articles. Write the date on top and the future date on which the capsule will be opened and reexamined. Here are ideas for what you might place inside your capsule before you bury it somewhere in a closet: Recent photos of family members, including extended family. Stubs of theater tickets (Write the name of the movie or show you saw on the back of each stub.) Clippings from the local newspaper or school newspaper that mention family members. The familys favorite cartoon or comic strip. Samples of artwork by each family member. Letters the children wrote home from camp. Postcards from a family trip. Dried flowers from the summer garden. A copy of the menu from your favorite restaurant. A list of the five favorite books read by each family member that year. Same time next year, wont your family be astonished at how much the world and they themselves have changed in so short a time?! After examining the contents of your time capsule, you may decide to repack and exhume it again in future years. Meanwhile burya new capsulein the closet alongside the old one.

New Year Family Time Capsule