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Frog and Toad Are Valentines


Children make valentines for their friends. Why not have them make valentines for their favorite storybook characters too!
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MATERIALS: Red construction paper, felt pen, assorted materials for decorating (e.g., bits of lace, paper doilies, tissue paper, glitter, sequins, glue)

While your children are makng valentines for their favorite friends, let them also make them for their favorite book characterss. Here are a few novel approaches to suggest. Literacy Lovers. What kind of valentine would Romeo send to Juliet? Florid, no doubt! And what charming hearts would Pat and Martha exchange? Or Wilbur and Fern? Your children imagine themselves at literary characters and make appropriate valentines for their literary lovers. The sentiment shoud be true to character. To Curious George, with Love. Young readers often feel about books and book characters the way they feel about their friends, so they won't think it at all unseemly to design a valentine card for Curious George or some other literary favorite. Perhaps George's valentine says, "You drive me bananas, Valentine!" or "I'm curious to know if you'll be my Valentine." Spot Sends His Love. Younger children will be thrilled to receive valentines from their favorite characters. If you don't have time to make them, have the characters sign store-bought cards. If you do have the time, draw or trace pictures of the characters and write an appropriate message: "I'd spot you anywhere, Valentine!"

Frog and Toad Are Valentines