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Excuses, Excuses


Have your kids write their own excuse notes from school?
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Although you will still have to sign their notes, your children may enjoy writing their own excuses for their occasional absences form school. They'll probably also enjoy making up incredible excuses to help pass the time during an illness that keeps them home from school. Review the necessary letter-writing conventions with your child: date, greeting, indented paragraphs, closing. Discuss what the note should say before he or she begins writing to the teacher. You don't want the note to be overly graphic, for example "I was throwing up and having diarrhea all day." Something more like "I had a stomach flu" is sufficient and leaves the rest to the teacher's imagination. Writing pretend excuses can also be a creative pastime. Your children would probably love coming up with a dire disease or situation that would prevent them from attending school one day, or maybe ever again. "I was bitten by an alligator that crawled out of the drain the bathtub while I was taking a bath" might be sufficient excuse for staying home a week while the victim receives anti-alligator shots. Ask a child who stays home for a legitimate reason to draw a picture of the "bug" that he or she is suffering from. Expect some wild-looking germs to jump forth from your child's imagination. Perhaps one of these creatures can become the villain of an original science fiction story, like "The Streptococcus That Silenced Washington."

Excuses, Excuses