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Detour, Exit, Falling Rocks: Car Game


In this road activity, the riders on the left side of the car take on the riders on the right side in a race to spot words that begin with all the letters of the alphabet.
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MATERIALS: Pad, notebook, or clipboard and paper, pencil

The two sides compete to find a word for every letter, in order. Team members assign themselves a window or direction, then look hard and fast at road signs, billboards, restaurant and store signs. Players call out the words as soon as they spot them so the other players corroborate the sighting. The first team to go through the alphabet wins. Depending on the patience of the players, you may want to eliminate letters like Q, X, and Z. Although you may pass a motel advertising queen-size beds or a school zone sign, it may be a while before you pass two such signs so each team can get by the hurdle. And if youre driving in the summer, its unlikely youll find X-mas advertisements. Another alternative might be to allow players to use the letters they find on license plates. Easier yet, require that the words the players call out only have to include rather than begin with each letter. Finding words in alphabetical order, or competing to find words, can frustrate beginning readers. If young children are participating, play a cooperative game, where both sides of the car call out words in any order. Have one player write the alphabet on a pad or in a notebook and enter words alongside each letter as the players spot them. The object is still to see if the players can find at least one word for every letter of the alphabet.

Detour, Exit, Falling Rocks: Car Game