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Make a Book on Tape


Make a recording of your child's favorite book -- helps reinforce learning and reassure during seperation.
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As parents of young children, you know there's nothing they love more than hearing the same story over and over again. Although the children never get tired of this repetition, many adults do. Because reading stories aloud is probably the best thing parents can do to help your child become successful students throughout their lives, why not record your child's favorite stories on tape?

Now, your child can hear your voice while browsing a book ... at any time of day or night. Every time they hear the tape, your voice will keep the same enthusiasm and sense of joy as the very first time. If your child attends day care, preschool, or pre-kindergarten, talk to his or her teacher about the possibility of sending these tapes to school. In this case, the tapes have two purposes. At home, your child will be able to read along with stories won their own. Also, recordings of you reading can be very reassuring for a child especially a child who is suffering from separation. Being able to listen to some of the parents reading a book during nap often soothes even the most restless child.

Make a Book on Tape