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RIF Activites Spark the Imagination and Encourage Reading

RIF offers scores of activities for readers of every age group and every skill level. Our activities provide solid learning opportunities through interaction with peers and siblings, and promote literacy through structured learning opportunities with parents. Best of all, they’re fun.

Cultural Heritage gives children a sense of how big and varied the world is through exploration activities, including Around the World in 80 Books¸ an adventure using a map, thumbtacks and a felt-tip pen.

Drama features activities to delight the imagination, including Hats on for Reading, which encourages play acting as kids dress in hats while parents read their favorite stories.

Writing activities reinforce good reading habits, so give children notebooks and pencils so they can participate in Travelog, which encourages kids to maintain a journal, scrapbook, and photo album during family vacation.

Monthly Activity Calendars

Monthly Activity Calendars

Have you seen our activity calendars? They're a great every-day resource for you to engage your child in activities that enhance their reading abilities. Print these out and paste them to your fridge and GET READING!


Back-to-School Activities

Back-to-School Activities

Check out our back-to-school fun mazeA-Z coloring pagesspanish coloring pages,  activity sheet and calendars to get everyone ready for the new school year.

RIF Story Samplers

RIF Story Samplers

Story Samplers are book-based thematic approaches to reading designed to engage children in the book experience. Each Story Sampler includes hands-on, cross-curricular activities for books linked by a common theme.


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