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You create the art

Puppies in Space (ages 3-5)

Up, up into the skies, the trusty puppy spaceship flies ...

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The Mystery of the Mummy's Maze (ages 6-8)

From his boat on the Nile, the young man had a perfect view of the Valley of the Kings. Confused and fatigued, the man did not know if he would ever find the mummy ...

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The Last Panda (ages 9-12)

In the shrinking bamboo forest of mountainous China, a pregnant Panda bear moved slowly in circles. The warmer weather and blue skies signaled that the time was approaching ...

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How Do I Do It?

1. Pick a story from those listed on the left, then click the "download this story" button to open the story on your computer as a PDF document.

2. Next, select the "print" command from the file menu to print the story on paper.

3. You can draw pictures on each page that relate to the part of the story that appears there. Be creative with your book.

4. In addition to drawing pictures, you can also paste stickers and stamp shapes.

Get Acrobat ReaderTo look at the the stories on this page you need Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don't have it, you can download it for free.

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